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(1)How do I know if my application has been registered?

Go to "Online Application -> Print Acknowledgement", you can check by filling out "Acknowledgement No." and "Date of Birth" , if you can download your Acknowledgement Letter (PDF) , your application has been registered.

2) I did not receive EMail or SMS for my application registration.

If did not receive any EMail or SMS, then go to "Online Application -> Print Acknowledgement". And fill out the necessary details to check your application.

3)I got the registration number blank / zero after submitting an online application.

After applying online, if you have received a blank / zero registration number, go to "Online Application -> Print Acknowledgment" and fill in the details you can check your application.

4)After completing the full form, I just blank the screen/The Internet connection was lost/The computer has been shut down/Computer hang up etc. problems occurred, How do I know if my application has been registered or not?

Go to "Online Application -> Print Acknowledgment" and you will check by filling “Acknowledgement No.” and "Date of Birth".

5)I did not get an answer to my email.

You can call 11111 22222 or send an email to info@arjikaro.com

6)What details should I give when writing to the problem?

You are required to provide your name, EMail, phone number so that we can send EMail and SMS you.

7)What to do to modify / replace the details of the application?

If Application confirmation is pending, you can go to "Online Application -> Edit" and modify the details entered in the application. Once the confirmation of the application, details can not be updated. If needed, please call the helpline number.

8)Anyone can apply online for any exam?

If you are aged 18 to 40 years old and the academic qualification is according to the advertisement, you can apply.

9)What to do if it takes longer to get PAGE LOAD?

You try again after some time or call 11111 22222 this number.

10)Which details are required during online form filling?

Here is the information provided need to be filled. Personal Information, Passport Size Photo, Personal Digital Signature, Cast Certificate(if applicable), Leaving Certificate, HSC Marksheet and Other Information.

11)Whether it is necessary to fill in the details asked in the form such as Phone / Mobile / EMail etc.?

Yes, it is necessary all the information so we can send you SMS and EMail.

12)Is it valid to upload Passport size photo and signature at the end?

No, Passport Size Photo and Signature are required to upload only when you register the application.