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What is Arji Karo ?

The www.arjikaro.com website provides online job application facility. In which the applicant can get information about recruitment in different offices through Internet, and apply online. This facility saves the time and money of the applicant and the recruitment process becomes transparent.

How To Apply ?

1) Create Profile

Click on "Profile -> Create Profile"
Enter Your Mobile Number & Email Address -> Get OTP -> Enter OTP -> Enter Profile Detail
(Note : Email Address, Mobile Number & Date of Birth is unique)

2) Upload Files

Click on "Profile -> Upload File"
Enter Your Details

3) Apply For Jobs

Click on "Online Application -> Apply"
Select Agency

4) Make a Payment

Click on "Online Application -> Apply"
Select Agency -> Click on Apply Button -> Enter Your Profile Id & Date of Birth -> Click on Apply & Confirm

5) Print Acknowledgement Slip

Go to "Online Application -> Print Acknowledgment" and you will check by filling “Acknowledgement No.” and "Date of Birth".

6) Wait For Marit SMS

Once Marit List is Prepare & you will be selected then you got message